Sunday, 6 May 2012

Okay ... another post

Sorry, that I haven't wrote so long, but in the last weeks I had so much to do! -.-' School and all this things! :P

Yesterday I was with my friends Valice and J??? by Nora's because we had to do the stupid choreography for sport. But YAY we have it! ;D We dance to the song Dynamite from Taio Cruz! :)

And now I'm sitting on the couch and watching TV. ;D But at 1.30 I have to go with my parents and friends doing sport.... -.- I hate it!

Okay, I have to look for my sport shoes! I'll write more later ... maybe! :p :D


  1. I shall follow your blog....

    Your Friend Valice asked me too...

    AND because South Africans and Germans have alot in common....

  2. Please. I would be much obliged if you and your friends followed my blog too....


    There it is.

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  5. I'm following it! It's really cool!!!