Saturday, 18 February 2012

Hey my little blogreader!
Today was a perfect day! I slept today till 12 o´clock and then I ate tofu.... Yammi! I <3 it!
Then I went to the living room and watched TV after this I played Animal Crossing Let´s go to the Ciy on the Wii. I don´t no why but I was sooooooo bored....... -.-

In the afternoon I and my BFF went to the city. First we went to Zara, Mango and other shops... I bought so many things! I´M OUT POCKET! Ahhh! At 17.00 o´clock we went to the cinema. *___* THAT was fun!

Now I´m sitting in my room, writing my blog and watching Scrubs! That´s fun!

Okay, I´m out now! I hope you like my blog!

Tomorrow I write the next blog! xoxo

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hey Guys,

Today I write in english, because I think that no one is reading my blog because they don´t understand when I´m writing in german. -.- Obviously this is why nobody is reading my blog.

Okaaaay! So... today was carnival in my school! And it was very fun, because I and my best friend were dancing and laughing all the time! I was dressed like a cowgirl! YEEEHAA! ;D   
Then the party end and everyone went home! After that I went with some friends of mine to a little café and we drunk coffee and hot chocolate! Mhhhmmm! ;P

Now I´m bored and writing my blog.... Maybe I write you later more about me? What you want to know!


Monday, 13 February 2012

Mein erster Post! So aufgeregt!!! *___*


Mein Name ist Luna und ich komme aus Polen! Ihr fragt euch bestimmt warum ich dann Deutsch kann, nicht wahr?! Mein Eltern kommen aus Polen doch meine Großmutter wohnte früher in Deutschland und sie hats mir beigebracht! ;D

Die nächste Frage die ihr euch bestimmt stellt ist: Was wird das hier für ein Blog? Bestimmt total langweilig! Doch nein, damit ihr meinen Blog so interessant wie möglich findet könnt ihr einen Kommentar schreiben was ich hier reinstellen soll! Ich kann über Mode, Kunst, Musik, Reisen oder andere Sachen schreiben, also keine falsche Scheu!

Also hiermit beende ich meinen ersten Eintrag!

Bye bye

P.s. Wenn ihr irgendwelche Tipps habt wie ich meinen Blog besser gestalten kan, dann könnt ihr mir schreiben!