Tuesday, 3 April 2012

One of the worsest days ever

My life is awful! I hate it! -.-
On Monday my best friend came by train to me and first it was all okay, we went to the cinema, watched the movie Panem and went to Starbucks. Everything was fantastic, but then. She called her mom and her mom said to her that Mario Götze ( her favorite soccerplayer) was in the Starbucks Store in Dortmund. From that time she is totally mean to me! And treats me like a little girl! Do you know whats the meanest is? She is tutoring me all the time!

Now I go with my "friend" and my mom to the city! Bäääh! -.- I write more later! bb


  1. This holidays are awfull, right?
    They started so cool and then got soooo worse.
    I know how this feels like. And to be honest: you're situation isn't that bad. At least you did not got your wisdom teeth operated out of your mouth. And you don't look like a hamster now. And you're face isn't hurting all the time, you don't have a cold and fever.
    And yes, I am talking about my holidays right now.

  2. But I am sorry for you anyway! Keep this in mind, I suffer with you!

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  4. YAY! I'm not the only follower any more!