Sunday, 2 December 2012

Intent of the day

Intent of the day

Be receptive to change, allow yourself to grow, and always keep an open mind.


Friday, 30 November 2012

Who am I?

This am I!
I wanted to show you how I really look! So.... 


P.s. I don't show you my face! 

Danbo - A little drawing for YOU

This is a drawing of a Danbo that I made for YOU ALL! I hope you like it! 


Friday, 23 November 2012


Hey everyone!

I know what you are thinking right now! I was too lazy to write something but It was not like that. My life was a little strange in the last few months.

And now I want to hear your opinion about this lyrics!

A few years ago everything was alright
But now everything has changed
The last months made me sad and tired
Because of my life
Nothing can cheer me up

Now everything is okay
Because I’m with you
Now my life makes sense
Because everything cheers me up when I’m with you

But in the last month
You leave me alone and
Now nothing can cheer me up again
Because I have to dance alone 

And everything is sad and only black and white

I need someone who cheers me up
To cheer me up 
It makes me sad
To live without someone who cheers me up

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Manga :O YAAY!

Here is a drawing from my lovely friend Valice who is an totally insane, stupid and evil person!

Thursday, 2 August 2012


Hey my "little" readers! Okay, okay... I know you are not little! Anyway...

Right now I'm watching the Olympic Games and Poland is winning with Argentinia! YAY POLAND! :) I was very sad when Poland was beaten by Bulgaria! :(

Last Friday my cousin gave me the whole first season of The Vampire Diaries and I watched it in 2 and a half days! I was so tired that I slept till 13 am!
And when we are "talking"about the The Vampire Diaries and The Olympic Games ... here is a little video about this two things:

Okay, sorry that I don't write so much but I want to watch the season againMuhahahaha! Bye Bye Luna

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Hey my little readers! Sorry that I didn't wrote so long! Im very sorry... :( But now I'm back and I'm feeling fantastic! I love live. :D Right know I'm at my friends! And I write on Janek's iPad and I hate it because it's really hard to write on it! -.-' But I love it ANYWAY! Muhahaha! :D In one hour I'm going on a grill or something like that. And then I'm going to play volleyball! YAY!!! Right know I'm laughing with Janek and it's really fun! Bye Bye xoxo Luna

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tuesday Afternoon -.-'

Hey Hey!

How are you? What are you doing right now? :D
MY life sucks! -.-' I'm sick and sitting all day alone at home! BORING! And do you know that? Tomorrow is the first get-together where we meet our godchildren and Thursday is my mothers birthday!

Friday I was in the cinema with my friend Valice and we watched the movie LOL with Miley Cyrus! It was fantastic! :D So funny! You have to watch this movie!

Now I'm making pizza - Mhhhhhm! - ! So I'll write later more!

Bb Luna

Friday, 8 June 2012

Hey Partypeople!

Hey Partypeople!
Here are some drawings that I made today! I hope you like it!

Saturday, 26 May 2012


Here is another picture for you! I think it looks really cute how small Josh is and how big Liam is!

Josh is really cute! :D


Hello everyone! Here´s a little picture that I made! I hope you like it!

Monday, 14 May 2012

I don´t know why I wrote this BUT....

GraFUNKELos!!!! *___* lol

Another another day

Another day in my little world! And.... first it was fantastic like no day before, but then it started to get worser and worser! -.-' And it's so stupid because I had a really good mood in the last days! Friday I got my Latin exam back and it was an B! YAAAY! Saturday I was shopping with my parents and it was fun! Till there everything was fine. But then ... on Sunday I was playing volleyball and E. shot the ball in my face! :( I know! OUCH! So that´s how my days went on....

Do anybody know The Vampire Diaries? When not ... you have to watch it! My BFF N. and I love it! We are for Stefan and I´m so glad that Elena chose Stefan and not Damon! But I was sorry for Damon too! I think that he also is a good guy and has real feelings inside his soul. Although Stefan is better! He rescued Elena when (s)he was a little girl... And at the end of season 3 Elena finally become a vampire!

So that´s it for today! Next time I write about Victorious and The Hunger Games again!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

In School in the ET class

Right now I´m in my ET class and my friends Valice and F. are sitting next to me! YAAY! We have to do our big project but ... we don´t want toooooo! ;D Valice is doing right now publicity for me on Derek Landy´s site. :D And now my teacher is returned and I have to end this post! -.-
Bye bye

Monday, 7 May 2012

After school

Now I'm back from school and I hate it! 7 periods and my energy is gone... -.- But the worst periods were history and German! Mister M. is the stupidest teacher of the world and Monday is the stupidest day of the week! Stop. Now it's enough.

Right now I'm watching Panem videos and I love it! The Panem books and the movie are fantastic. *__* Jennifer, Josh and Liam are soooo cool! But it's so stupid that Katniss and Peeta are fighting at the end! And I don't know why Katniss isn't loving Peeta, he is beautiful, cute and sooo nice. :D I think that she is in love with Gale and Peeta and doesn't know who she loves more!

When I would have the chance to meet the cast of Panem I would be so happy! :D But I think that this will not happen!

So ... maybe I'll write more later! Bye bye

Sunday, 6 May 2012

After the sport

Yay I'm back! -.- But I'm so tired and my hand is swollen! I hate doing sports! And you? :) And Valice ... I know you hate sport too! :P

And now I have to do my homework! Bäääh! :( But I don't want too! -.-' Right now I'm thinking of not doing it but then my parents will kill me... So I have to do it.

Okay this is all for today! I'll write you tomorrow more! Bye bye :D

Okay ... another post

Sorry, that I haven't wrote so long, but in the last weeks I had so much to do! -.-' School and all this things! :P

Yesterday I was with my friends Valice and J??? by Nora's because we had to do the stupid choreography for sport. But YAY we have it! ;D We dance to the song Dynamite from Taio Cruz! :)

And now I'm sitting on the couch and watching TV. ;D But at 1.30 I have to go with my parents and friends doing sport.... -.- I hate it!

Okay, I have to look for my sport shoes! I'll write more later ... maybe! :p :D

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

One of the worsest days ever

My life is awful! I hate it! -.-
On Monday my best friend came by train to me and first it was all okay, we went to the cinema, watched the movie Panem and went to Starbucks. Everything was fantastic, but then. She called her mom and her mom said to her that Mario Götze ( her favorite soccerplayer) was in the Starbucks Store in Dortmund. From that time she is totally mean to me! And treats me like a little girl! Do you know whats the meanest is? She is tutoring me all the time!

Now I go with my "friend" and my mom to the city! Bäääh! -.- I write more later! bb

Thursday, 22 March 2012


How are you? Sorry, that I haven´t post soooo long! -.- But in the school there was so much to do and now I´m sick since Friday and I hate it! Why such a thing always happens to me?! Ahhh!

And I missed 3 classtests... So I have to echo them. My ear ache! Bäääääh! And yesterday I was by the oculist.... I have to wear glasses! They are from Calvin Klein and look totally up to date! I love them!!! <3

Now I have to learn a bit for school! I promise I write you soon!
Luna <3

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Hey my little blogreader!
Today was a perfect day! I slept today till 12 o´clock and then I ate tofu.... Yammi! I <3 it!
Then I went to the living room and watched TV after this I played Animal Crossing Let´s go to the Ciy on the Wii. I don´t no why but I was sooooooo bored....... -.-

In the afternoon I and my BFF went to the city. First we went to Zara, Mango and other shops... I bought so many things! I´M OUT POCKET! Ahhh! At 17.00 o´clock we went to the cinema. *___* THAT was fun!

Now I´m sitting in my room, writing my blog and watching Scrubs! That´s fun!

Okay, I´m out now! I hope you like my blog!

Tomorrow I write the next blog! xoxo

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hey Guys,

Today I write in english, because I think that no one is reading my blog because they don´t understand when I´m writing in german. -.- Obviously this is why nobody is reading my blog.

Okaaaay! So... today was carnival in my school! And it was very fun, because I and my best friend were dancing and laughing all the time! I was dressed like a cowgirl! YEEEHAA! ;D   
Then the party end and everyone went home! After that I went with some friends of mine to a little café and we drunk coffee and hot chocolate! Mhhhmmm! ;P

Now I´m bored and writing my blog.... Maybe I write you later more about me? What you want to know!


Monday, 13 February 2012

Mein erster Post! So aufgeregt!!! *___*


Mein Name ist Luna und ich komme aus Polen! Ihr fragt euch bestimmt warum ich dann Deutsch kann, nicht wahr?! Mein Eltern kommen aus Polen doch meine Großmutter wohnte früher in Deutschland und sie hats mir beigebracht! ;D

Die nächste Frage die ihr euch bestimmt stellt ist: Was wird das hier für ein Blog? Bestimmt total langweilig! Doch nein, damit ihr meinen Blog so interessant wie möglich findet könnt ihr einen Kommentar schreiben was ich hier reinstellen soll! Ich kann über Mode, Kunst, Musik, Reisen oder andere Sachen schreiben, also keine falsche Scheu!

Also hiermit beende ich meinen ersten Eintrag!

Bye bye

P.s. Wenn ihr irgendwelche Tipps habt wie ich meinen Blog besser gestalten kan, dann könnt ihr mir schreiben!