Monday, 14 May 2012

Another another day

Another day in my little world! And.... first it was fantastic like no day before, but then it started to get worser and worser! -.-' And it's so stupid because I had a really good mood in the last days! Friday I got my Latin exam back and it was an B! YAAAY! Saturday I was shopping with my parents and it was fun! Till there everything was fine. But then ... on Sunday I was playing volleyball and E. shot the ball in my face! :( I know! OUCH! So that´s how my days went on....

Do anybody know The Vampire Diaries? When not ... you have to watch it! My BFF N. and I love it! We are for Stefan and I´m so glad that Elena chose Stefan and not Damon! But I was sorry for Damon too! I think that he also is a good guy and has real feelings inside his soul. Although Stefan is better! He rescued Elena when (s)he was a little girl... And at the end of season 3 Elena finally become a vampire!

So that´s it for today! Next time I write about Victorious and The Hunger Games again!