Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Manga :O YAAY!

Here is a drawing from my lovely friend Valice who is an totally insane, stupid and evil person!


  1. Lovely: Not quite shure if anyone who ever met me would agree with that...
    Insane: Okay, maybe that's true but what's wrong with this?? Sometimes insanity is the best state of mind! ;)
    Stupid: *shakes her head sadly* I thought we were friends...
    Evil: Oh come on Luna- evil? Honastly?!
    I can be very friendly and nice and... okay, not very often but sometimes... well at least I'm NOT evil... I think... :D

  2. You are evil. Pure Evil. Only the evil could draw something as cute as that.

  3. thanks! xD
    And I'm really not that evil...